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Are We Going To See a Google Gaming Console?

We have seen the technology industry grow to an unimaginable level in the last few years. Even with the smartphones ruling the technology industry, no one can deny this fact that gaming consoles have always been there as a potential technology market Niche. Now after the launching of next generation gaming consoles by both Microsoft and Sony having some ground breaking cutting edge specifications, people wonder whether Google will ever enter this market. Would we be able to see a Google gaming console in the near future?

Is Ouya A Blueprint for Entry Level Version of Google Gaming Console

Microsoft's Xboxans Sony's PlayStation franchises are ruling the gaming console industry without any doubt. Sony and Microsoft both have revealed their next generation console, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year. These two giants incorporate some breath taking new features, which takes the game to the next level. Nintendo still struggling for its place depicts a great example for the rest of companies planning to enter this highly saturated market.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have yet to see a tough competition for the next few years. However, there is another gaming console under development that follows a really interesting and convincing market penetrating strategy. Yes we are talking about the Ouya gaming console. It’s developed by Julie Uhrman, a gaming industry veteran in 2012. This gaming console is going to get launched this year. This console will run on Google Android OS and is developed on the basic principle of "Simplicity." Some other really great features like it's open to rooting and will be small enough to keep in your pocket, wireless controllers and the ability to connect on wireless with HDTVs, and a free trial of a game before actually purchasing it online. Experts are considering it to be a great entry level gaming console with a cheap selling price of $99.

Caption: Is Ouya A Blueprint for Entry Level Version of Google Gaming Console

Alt tag: Ouya is a Blueprint for Google Gaming Console

Our Opinion about Google Gaming Console

We personally believe that Google is waiting for Ouya to get launched. Based on the market performance and user base for Ouya, Google will have two of the available options. Either to purchase the Ouya franchise and go on with it. Or to learn from Ouya, support it with the Android software and alongside with that, develop an indigenous Google gaming console. A console, which could be slightly expensive than Ouya, but would address to all those issues, which are yet to be discovered in Ouya, once it hits the markets. This way, Google will be diversifying the market like it did with its Android mobile OS. This step would be much better for Google. Because it will encourage many other companies to do a partnership with Google and develop their own Android based gaming consoles offered at cheap rates. Hence, creating trouble for Sony and Microsoft and attracting price conscious buyers.

According to Chris Taylor,

If Google were to develop its own console, it could count on a lot of useful feedback from Ouya's passionate user base. It would also have a library of Android games ready to go on day one: there are more than 100,000 games in the Google Play store.

One another better thing for Google gaming console (if developed) would be the integration of games. A game developed for either of the two devices should be compatible with the other one. This step would definitely have its own benefits. A short conclusion is that Google still has plenty of room in terms of ideas, marketing strategies and other potential benefits in the gaming console industry. Let’s hope that the company comes with its own Google gaming console. Please let us know in the comments, whether you are going to buy an economical and small Google gaming console.


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