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How To Add Speech Bubble Comment Style In Blogger Thread Comments

Hi, readers! Speech bubble is a cool and stylish thread comment with speech bubble style.Today we are going to post about how to add speech bubble comment style in blogger thread comments.Readers we can easily change our blogger comment style.This is really awesome and attractive one hope you most of them would like this.This is tottaly coded from CSS.This one is created by so all the credits goes to him.So, guys lets see below hot to add it on your blog and first see the demo                                                                       Click To See Demo How To Add It On Your Blog? Log In To Go To Your Blogger Dashboard Navigate To Template And Click On Edit HTML Find The Below Code Using CTRL + F ]]></b:skin> Now Paste The Below Code Above/Before It. /* Start Comment Style Code */ .comments{clear:both;margin-top:10px;margin-bottom:0;font-family:Arial;line-height:18px;fon

How To Add CSS3 Bubble Buttons For Blogger

Hi readers! How are you.Are you really enjoying my small blog.Today we are going to tell you about how to add css3 bubble buttons for blogger.Friends, you might have seen some CSS3 buttons for live preview or download.These awesone bubble buttons are made with pure CSS3.When we on mouse the CSS3 bubble star shaking.This effect can make your blog visitors attractive.These buttons are available in Big, Medium, Small and Round with different colors.So, guys without wasting your valuable time, Let's see below hot to add it on your blog:) How To Install? Always Backup Your Template Before Editing Your Template. Adding CSS Log In To Go To Your Blogger Dashboard Navigate To Template And Click on Edit HTML  Search For Below Code Which Is Provided Below In Block Quote. ]]></b:skin> Now Add Given Below Code In Just Above It. .button {     font: 15px Calibri, Arial, sans-serif; /* A semi-transparent text shadow */     text-shadow: 1px 1

Are We Going To See a Google Gaming Console?

We have seen the technology industry grow to an unimaginable level in the last few years. Even with the smartphones ruling the technology industry, no one can deny this fact that gaming consoles have always been there as a potential technology market Niche. Now after the launching of next generation gaming consoles by both Microsoft and Sony having some ground breaking cutting edge specifications, people wonder whether Google will ever enter this market. Would we be able to see a Google gaming console in the near future? Is Ouya A Blueprint for Entry Level Version of Google Gaming Console Microsoft's Xbox ans Sony's PlayStation franchises are ruling the gaming console industry without any doubt. Sony and Microsoft both have revealed their next generation console, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year. These two giants incorporate some breath taking new features, which takes the game to the next level. Nintendo still struggling for its place depicts a great example for t

How To Add Spinning Image Effect On Hover Mouse To Blogger

Hi, readers! Adding some style able effect to your blog can make attract your visitors.Today we are going to publish about about "How To add Image Spinning Effect On Hover Mouse To Blogger".This trick is very short and simple for every blogger.In our previous posts, we shared about " Add Rotating Page Effect To Your Blog Web Page " and " Awesome CSS3 Widget With Zoom And Shrinking Effect " which may like many of our readers.Putting this effect on your blog visitors might want to check your more images/pictures to see more special effects.Thanks a lot for who created this awesome tricks for blogger.Hope my readers will like this one awesome tricks. So, guys without wasting valuable time just follow our easy steps and you are done:)                                                 LIVE DEMO BELOW                                 Adding Image Spinning Effect On Hover Mouse To Blogger. Log In To Go To Your Blogg