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Tips To Maintain Proper Facebook Security

Facebook the biggest social networking giant used by most of the people around the globe. People of all ages and specially youngster are addicted to it, and they spend time chatting with friends and family, sharing photos, videos etc, updating status. But as we know that many of Facebook accounts get compromised everyday due to insufficient knowledge of security to layman. But today i will tell you some tips to prevent your Facebook account from getting hacked.
We will start with some basic tips and then move on to advanced security features that Facebook provides.

Use Strong Passwords

Password of Facebook account should have enough characters that it becomes hard to guess. Also use combination of small and capital letters. You can include some symbols,numbers in your password so that it becomes impossible to figure out your password.

Make Primary Email ID secure

The email id that you have registered on to Facebook as primary mail must be secured. If someone hacks that primary email he can gain access to your Facebook account. So make sure that the email account is properly secured.

Register a mobile number

In case your Facebook ID gets hacked, you can recover your account using the mobile number reset code. And also don't handover your mobile to strangers.

Make your PC virus Free

You can use good antivirus to ensure that your pc is virus, Trojan and malware FREE. As this bad programs can send your Facebook and other credentials to the Hacker and your account can be compromised.

Enable security Features given by Facebook

Go to gear icon (upper-right side)->account settings -> Security
  • Enable secure browsing, as it will browse on HTTPS instead of only HTTP. HTTPS is secured connection and protocol used by banks and other important online services.
  • Enable loin notifications. Using this you can get notified on mobile whenever a person logs into your Facebook account using a unknown device. So for this first you have to have mobile no registered

Active session and recognized devices

Active sessions are those sessions which are still logged in your Facebook account. So if you forgot to log out of Facebook, you remain logged into that pc, so anyone can access your account. So you can remove active session to protect your account. Also remove unwanted recognized devices.

Enable Trusted contact Feature

Trusted contact feature helps you to recover hacked Facebook account using your trusted friends. So you can set 3-5 Trusted contacts, and then if in future your account gets compromised, then you can recover it using codes generated by your trusted contact. Read more about How to recover hacked Facebook account using trusted contact here.
Beware of phishing
This is the technique that is many times used by hackers to hack Facebook accounts. In phishing technique, hacker creates a fake page that looks exactly same as Facebook page. Now whenever you login to such page then your ID and password are sent to hacker, and you are redirected to original page. Now the only way to detect phishing page is by looking at the URL. So always keep a check on the URL, if you find it weird then never sign in.
So these were some tips that will help you to maintain proper Facebook Security. If you have any more tips then you can comment below the post.
About the Author
Karan Makharia is a part time tech blogger, and blogs at He is studying IT engineering from Mumbai University. He loves all the stuff related to technology. You can find him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for the tips azad we where in search of these tips.Thanks for providing these tips to us!! Thanks TBG :)

  2. Great work ! very informative blog thanks for sharing its very useful to us

  3. Thanks for the informative post Karan. You've explained everything to secure a facebook account. But "Trusted Contact" feature may help your friends to access your facebook account (maybe it'd be for fun :D), right?
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    1. Backlink hmm.. ;-)
      and ya.. thats the reason why it is called TRUSTED friends. Trust only those who will not do prank.. and in trusted contacts we have to add atleast 3 friends. So 3 friends will provide separated codes using which we can recover hacked account. So better choose the friends whom u can trust.

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  5. @Aditya Prakash
    I glad to know that u have dropped a comment in my blog and u most welcome

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