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ShareCash: Charge MasterCard With Money

ShareCash: Charge MasterCard With Money
Hello readers, i'm the new co-author of Tech Blog Guide, and i'm sharing with you this post about earning money trough uploading files and charging account Payoneer, you may don't have a MasterCard yet but i'm giving you a chance to have one, this card help you to buy what you need from internet, as i shared on my blog Get Payoneer Master Card i received mine in almost 30 days, but i steel need to charge it with money, so that why i think this post should be shared with you to know how to get cash easily.

ShareCash is a website that offer to us to upload files and get money, the idea is you have to publish your files links on several websites, blogs magazines... and when anyone try out to download your files, a window will appears and force him to register on the website, and this is what you will earn for, means you get financial commission for any one registered to download your files.

Once you make a balance like 20$ for example, you'll have to transfer it to your account on Payoneer.
You have to find your sources like forums, blogs, facebook pages.. to put your links, if you don't know where to put them then you just need to use your friend Google he will help you to find thousands of places, all what you have is to be strong and keep working harder and harder.

This is a picture explain why ShareCash are the number #1 :

upload files and make money with ShareCash
Now let's discover together how to register on that website, follow the steps below the next picture:

Registration For ShareCash
  • #1: Enter your Username.
  • #2: Enter your Email.
  • #3: Confirm Email.
  • #4: Enter your Password.
  • #5: Confirm Password.
  • Click Continue.
Registration for ShareCash

  • #1: Enter your first name.
  • #2: Enter your middle name if you have one.
  • #3: Enter your last name.
  • #4: Enter your street address.
  • #5: Enter your street address 2.
  • #6: Enter your City/Town.
  • #7: Enter your State/Province.
  • #8: Choose your country.
  • #9: Type the captcha.
  • Click the accept button
  • Click Register now.
After all that click on "Log in". and enter your username in the #1 case, and your password in case #2, as it showed up in the picture below:

ShareCash Log In

You'll find all next steps in the first page of website, just check it out, there is a sample video above, watch it, and start uploading ShareCash.
As i've said before if you don't know where you can get your MasterCard, here is the sample way, just follow the steps:
That's all for now dear readers, i hope you enjoyed with my first post here, if anyone of you got trouble just be free to put your question in comments, we will reply as soon as it possible, wait for my next post, and have a nice day.
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